Monday, August 20, 2012

The golden age of economics

hasn't come . It may just look that way . Say, when everyone in the home of blunt instruments is singing from the same song sheet - The silly simple song  that praises price above all things. . Its a euphoria that's been celebrated before -- but not for long . Why , because blunt instruments cut , tear and waste money . You only have to study the history of taxation in the tobacco industry to know that the current fascination of Greenlabor with price incentives to control behaviour is out of this world unsustainable . There is no magic number , even though they keep telling us there is one .
Governments happy that they have palmed much of their responsibilities off to private companies have yet to see the backlash from their growing blindness to economic realism in their own ranks .
First its insulation ,today its switches and soon someone will note that higher electricity prices was the governments own idea - when you trace it back .
The golden age of economics hasn't come , Even if we understand eco better,politics must be personal ; human nature still needs some extra ordinary substance sharing to prevent the rich getting richer and parliamentarins singing from the same old hymn sheet in church.


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