Monday, August 19, 2019

What do we do when thing don't work?

Loving that WW 2 in color series for reminding us of all the nonsense we can fall for when  we think things are going backwards . Very much the mood and reality of 2019 in the West .

1920-1940  So much of the evil in action is not directed by greed or material need ( tough there was as always much deprivation but the Americans were dance crazy rich ) but by the need to FEEL better about ourselves ; to find a purpose for life involving the  merely material ( so important to have work) but to move beyond it .
The problem is, we in the west have changed worldviews  and the new one is NOT working . To fix the problem we need to go back and restore the elements that worked from the past - not throw out the lot like the media +growth merchants want us to 

Chamberlain represents that terrible English condition that thinks being nice and friendly is being Christ like when the bloke himself got hung up for not being nice - he got hung up  for straight talking as we should . The Germans loved ,as Victorians now do, the government for giving them roads and work  even though they do little to show young people what to do with their education ( something better and more modern than roadworks ) ; we burn up the capital resources of our children .
The British ( God bless them were in no position for more war but had by 1930's lost their once great passion for fighting - passion for fighting tyranny as Bonhoeffer found out .

TODAY We can at least see the risk of war that makes no sense in our parties . I mean all good intentions but like Burke said - risks the greatest evil still >
The Greens ( God help them ) want a better world that rightly and correctly  must involve a better environment and Labor a fair and juster world , The Libs if you believe the ABC ( which I  clearly don't ) are lost and condemned puppets of big business.
Locked into some closets with their comfortable  intellectual logic's of those who would be emperors  don't listen

If we are to learn and make better decisions for the future we must all learn to listen , Listen for the weaknesses in our own worldview as its pt into practice , Truth telling in the family . God bless our Parliaments to do just that . And god bless our children to kick half of our populous only pedant position emperors OUT -- using the democratic .Or more correctly respect fr the small voice ) principles INHERENT in our understanding of what works best . Imagine what good things would happen in  regional Australia if the cynical media didn't have it in for regional reps ;like Barnaby Joyce 
ANSWER We don't blame others ---we look to ourselves first .

Monday, February 25, 2019

Self worship - the greater risk

One's religion is always a risk , but two things seem to be worse ( and more common?)
  1. Pretending you don't have one. (ask any psyche ) 
  2. Finding out its you, that thinks you are God

    JB Peterson tried to put us right on both accounts last night  on ABCQ &A  but he never got to show us the clarity of his picture. Jones insisted on a stab a minute . Proven technique of the petty pedants who run this evening blood sport.

    Listeners need to be warned
    --about the real risk of denial - by both ABCTV and the audience .mostly wannabes not real good at " answering questions "
    - about the cul de sac of cynicism
    -- about not really being open to answers , See the god within says "You know it all"

    I don't need to say much ........only last week I had to caution those in Parliament who think they can do God's work ....     Only God can make somethings happen and restore order when they don't . Piss into wind if you must but not with OUR money !         

    Fortunately one Christian  questioner called the place to order by asking if any one of the panel could motivate their consensus call to respect persons , without a belief in God .

    (repeating Dostoevsky's and history of tyrants since claim that in denying god out there you only have the god within.) 


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sometimes in a dysfunctional household-- its the parents who have the key problem

In Australia, where there are no longer agreed values/logic of respecting diversity , the loudest and noisiest get a hearing -   We still believe in listening but have no order in how its done 

And what profoundly moral subject does one get a hearing on these days  - even though many say they don't believe in morals they talk all the time as if they do
? Few faiths hold together equality of treatment and diversity of nature like the one the West is built on.

Progressives claim they have a better idea , but without evidence of what that better idea is , they clearly have no idea 
Back to the example !
Equality --That these hard done bys  are not treated equally ?
How can we treat each other equally if we bring different gifts to the table? 1Cor 12
Thankfully thinking and caring Australians are getting sick of hearing the complaining - especially when its "what we get from the table" - not what we bring to it .
Ecological responsibility is more than claiming ownership of the house - its providing for everything in it.
That simply means  we share on the basis of need and provision,- and don't just listen to the children--and others - on what they think they need.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Revolution or reform , Repair or Ruin

A truly resilient world responds to adverse pressure to fail , with resistance to succeed ( Copyright  JLM Armistice day 2018

As GK Chesterton pointed out so well in his testing review of his friend Bernard Shaw,( biography of ) the most dangerous men are those who have no intellectual roots or choose to ignore them .God help us but at the tender age of 30 he writes about the manin game we all play " Cheat the Prophets "
Such men of all recent ages call themselves progressive. If you still haven't abandoned that title for yourself read GKC on the subject or just study the modern film - its about looking backwards for some clues . Fabian fantasies

It is of course much easier in our well fed sun and beer  soaked stupor to believe that the catchphrase evolution hold the key to all that is good .
 After all, the new gospel of redemption by evolution alone  has done well to keep the post moderns focus on hope in the future .
 Its kept post moderns from properly examinsng the past for some clues to why things go wrong .
Its got our children lost on the road to the next fix - the next Trump card.. Its kept many in their childhood .

We have had 2 World wars for God's sake and still most Westerners don't know why . WORSE , they care not why . Orwell might not have written for all the attention he is given in warning us away from getting caught up in the current  equity debates , the politically correct ,attempts at language control ,  and the corrupting influence of great intentions captured by evil forces ( incuding those within)

The West was a truimph of precision and productivity- its dying under the weight of imprecision , greed and crushing ,technical efficiency by the makesr of our current mood   , Our education system used to weed out the personal excuse making and secondrate half baked rubbish.

 Our leaders are blind because they choose to be blind - from Turnbull to Trump they fail to look back and see what really went wrong.

Choices we do have - unless we follow the simple line of evolutionary determinism. The course now set by so many
The post modern world responds to adverse pressure to fail , with nothing solid - just new intoxicating liquids to make them feel better? 

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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Dark history

Everything is dark, but your own history is the darkest.
Going there is good for us -but we prefer  ( most of the time)  to hear romantic stories of others lighter or more complete moments   (esp in the evenings when our dark and incomplete days work could well come and haunt us)
And when the contrast is lacking ( as it often is in human stories where the same dark things threaten us all) we find it easiest to romanticize some human culture or story far from our own ; we like to make,  read and promulgate fiction.

I am sure this is the reason  I can't get a copy of Bruce Pascoe's " Dark emu " from any library at the moment.
The idea that aborigines knew as much as us, is a great thought,just as is the thought that another cultural group like Europeans would fail to accept the facts thereon .Its a great thought because neither of us know all that much anyway,  and its largely true that our great capacity to learn is hindered , at times ,by our own fear of the unknown and our propensity to promulgate our own prejudices .
However the big picture is a much bigger story - where both parties act in both ignorance and arrogance--  but don't always admit it.
 None of us have access to the tree of knowledge of good and evil

Some say one should not let the truth get in the road of a good story .Fine if the book is carefully sold as it is fiction, science, truth or some mixture .  I say,  make sure you label writing precisely , If we mislead we can mislead our children and they deserve the truth- the whole horrible truth about history. Bill Gammages recent book ( Greatest estate on Earth) is a confused mixture of fact and speculation that does not stand up to our highest calling ---scientific enquiry - its a romantic novel with notes  .
Worshiping culture ( the game here ?) is a shallow and pathetic way to appreciate the good in culture .    The frame of culture is sub framing for good , but not the substance of the good inside.

I'll have to leave the definitive till I have read DARK EMU . I expect that Bruce is reminding us of the gaps in our knowledge of how seeds were used and how other practises made sense . Going beyond that is not going to help us respect aboriginal culture more . respect as Westerners traditionally understanding it is respect for competency and truth

Lets hope  the intransigent and incomplete nature of cultural traditions is recognized ;  that  all good Australians, just as  all good Australians reject hanging shit on another culture

The reality is of course that while humans learn  different things in different places,  we still have deep things in common - should we want to see that in our opponents / neighbours 
When competing for territory its much easier to see the blokes over the fence as ignorant and aggressive animals - to make the most of what they don't know or to exaggerate or ignore what we think they don't know .

There should be time in every day to move on - going back to the insubstantial and incomplete eroding walls of any culture is only acceptable if you don't stay there .
I don't believe that evolution drives us because that would remove our ability to decide anything .
The cultural wars of the present remind us that we have choices we have made choices - some good some bad ; many with  incomplete  information . There 000s should be weighed up against our 00's

Europeans are prone to ignore whats good about they learnt in Europe .

If Garma makes Australians  think about guilt it will fail to make the respect point it says it's trying to make as well .  This use of one truth is  not progress , but stalemate .
 As an ecologist,  I respect many aboriginal traditions of land use. But I respect European culture too in its scientific evaluation of how the land plants and people work . Both are not final- walking with respect is walking in truth with/ beyond culture.

We can all find things to criticize or question , We used to be harder on those who make a fortune exploring the unknown without a thorough investigation Those who pander to the lust of predjudice and the arrogance of careless dealing with facts.

Our media can show great hypocrisy by giving so much oxygen to speculation that will not stand the scrutiny of scientists . we maybe enterting a drak age simply because we haven't rid ourselves of the darkness within

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Dominion is back

The young adult brain is full of reactionary and experimental confusion . Those of us who have had kids know this . If we only preached to them about the need for metanoia ( eventually)  they wouldn't be so many of them STUCK and still running around like children with lizard and other simple logic and marketing drivers running their programs like they did when they were at University .

Take the way we as a generation confused  dominion with domination. The Bible doesn't teach domination . Infact, it teaches something quite contrary. ;human freedom and God at a distance. It teaches dominion- your place , my space  your space.
Most importantly for a generation who have wrongly lived in reaction to the idea of dominion the Bible teaches dominion and it works .
Its called place driven consensus,.the functioning element, the working whole,  the limits of power and sound vocation,  the limits of sound governance.
  If you don't think the teachings are consistent right through look at Romans 12 and 13 . Respect for your role and government . Key summary points from the good book  .
 Tell me I'm wrong  I've said enough . Its your turn.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Headship is not going to go away.

The growing incidence of domestic violence by men has brought into sharp relief the question of whether the teaching of the major religions about headship is a bad thing- I mean a thoroughly bad thing.
 Most significantly,  there is increasing evidence in our day that drives people to say that religion is  poison and encourages violence with such things as suicide bombings inspired by the teachings of Islam.   .
The Believers dilemma  - My faith?
Believers have  to face the fact that revealed religious dogma can drive people to do strange things ; to prevent them from weighing up the real tensions in a situation and deal with them - to think . Believers have to accept that, within their congregations there are always those for whom the values system is a reason to justify anything they do and to not think deeply about what they do .

The unbelievers dilemma-- Your faith ?
“Non believers” have to realize that all of us have a faith of some sort and that that faith( whatever it is)  will drive some of our adherents to excuse their totally unacceptable violence on some dogmas of order and value in the words of your faith .  For eg Determinists don’t want to be held responsible for genocide movements in our generation even though the doctrines of that religion are clearly used by the major tyrants of last century .

The point – motivation

The point is then that religion is not poison,  but it is critical for motivating and its very dangerous. How do we limit the damage done by those in our own church?  Is the solution, as our confused leaders keep implying , for everyone to adopt a mild infection of the disease ?    Don’t become radical. Take everything in the values field half seriously.  Keep playing reactionary – it’s still a popular pastime

The growing problem of religion denial –a lack of motivation and direction is the result of such a policy.
eg: When the leadership are in a woosy mood  a bullying problem  can easily develop if the natural pushing pressure from below is not resisted from above. Like to make list of the cuurent examples where small but noisy people get the floor, These imbalances are not because of releigion but denial of ones religion or general self centredness ( not much help to anyone)

Surely the idea of "centre safe" ignores the power plant nature of religion – that if we take our religion only half seriously we teach apathy complacency and niceness – we teach lack of motivation as the lifestyle of reason . Worse , because reason has huge limits ( see Neiman) we could spend our days in cynicism and criticism of those who are not just like us ---flexible , adaptable and if the truth be really known highly  reactionary -  the myth that we act only when we reason things out is very real .
Have we just stumbled on the problem in the West? – we are sitting there like stunned mullets  As nature dictates[JM1] ,  if your mind in not engaged ( in how to live and discipline your hormones ) then your feelings will motivate you . We become the compliant community ready to be motivated by cleverly worded nuances --really clever ads  feelings . "I didn't think of that at the time " .
As the arrival of President Trump shows, we need sometime to think about this because just living on our feelings is only going to fill up our leadership positions with people who feel rather than use their brains : God may even be kind in allowing Trump to be there to remind us of this fact .
When full reason is missing. ( fairly normal)  
So lets come back to our feelings for a moment . Nothing more offends our feelings than someone taking away our freedom. ie  Slavery . yet Marriage is a form of slavery . So why in the world does everyone now want it ?
When feeings dominate over reason ,minority groupsand big noises ( .....u list them)  use subtle but quite unsound combinations of high feelings and overly simple moral principles of things like " equity" to get their own way . The denial by many modern intellectuals of the ineffectiveness of " reason alone" is staggering - the testimony  we experience of  wave after wave frrm the tsunamis such perfect storms create (Perfect Motivating Storms PMS)
 Clearly some choices we make are deep down combinations of motivation//thoughts feelings and faith ( incl trust of others) . Whether the complete rationalists want to accept it of not – most people have  a religion . If we relied completely on reason alone (rational thought) no one would get married . U fill out the details
The evidence 
To cut to the chase, has the concept of headship served the major religions of the world well overall or not. Before I try to answer that question,  I ask you to think of all the children in our Western jails  who lacked a strong father figure in their lives ; all the failed marriages and families you know where the father blames the mother for being too strong ( "my role is to mother_ - another presummed headship role)  . Where headship for one didn’t operate,  but fighting it out did - every single time ( even just as a preliminary)

How headship works

Headship doesn’t make sense if you want to assert the idea of complete freedom, but then,  as I said neither does marriage. Headship (not domination) works in helping resolve conflict which is the reason why we are told it is needed. Genesis 3:16 .   Not ideal but necessary.
The man ( or one mature person)  is responsible for making the final judgement after due consideration of all the parties.
We still have the idea of headship in all our institutions, SO why are we suddenly convinced we don’t need it in our families?
So many talk of evidence. The evidence is all before us. Most of our antecedents had happier marriages than our generation and they accepted headship.   It may not be useful to keep arguing  in the hope of proving anything,  because "man/someone in charge and marriage" is not a proposition that is entirely reasonable.

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. Yes headship logic can be used to abuse, but that’s no reason to not have any logic ;  Some will still want to throw the fire cracker of "my freedom and my rights" into the cauldron of crap that flows so freely around us . To do that around the kitchen table is to risk escalating the violence. Headship for a man implies accountability in the bedroom if not in the kitchen . Headship in the kitchen is a woman’s privilege.The concept is worth working with because it can work well .

Headship is not going to go away (just because it is abused ) because it works to help resolve tensions that can easily get out of anyone individuals control .
( And if you want to chase alternatives  fine – let us advise you of the time and cost ( should not be at our families expense ) it takes to test things and that previous generations have already tried lots of alternatives.

While we all struggle to understand violence this “ I am in charge “ justification in words is a least one connection that correlates with headship doctrines.  As for the popular pastime of solving other people’s problems, a man who hits his wife for no reason is harder to criticize on facebook than one who has a reason.

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