Monday, March 04, 2013

All about empathy eh

Said this week in Sydney .
Maybe our Prime Minister means sympathy or sentiment . Governments don't make any decisions anymore they hand them on to business so they now major on sentiment - symbols rather than substance . The floor of Parliament is a great reminder of 2 ways to go wrong - to end up wearing no clothes  . 1. The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intentions ( sentiment )  and 2 there is safety in much advice .
Green Labor,  like the good church goers they are ,  believe the only power is market power which means they only have price to pay and play with .  
As Tim Ferguson pointed out so well on Q&A ABCTV tonight , the idea of using price to control behaviors would be funny if it wasn't so serious -  a carbon  price will not work because the price for the offenders is not high enough; the poor suffer - how could they have missed that ( its been on my blogs for months ) . Lulled to sleep by simple sermons of the same sort ? Religious freedom is a great thing to be preserved at all costs . You never know when damnation sermons get too much for even reasonable people .

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