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The Fabian society has always played god in the place of God .How effective have they been -- in the real world ? Leaving aside the big question of whether God has the last word on this  , the question for thinking people,  over 100 years since it began,   is whether the heresy works where it matters - on the ground . Wells and Shaw wrote plays and celebrated the idea of superman ( just as Hitler and our own Labor party did some years later  )
Chesterton points out that Shaw was mostly show and while Chesterton didn't  see much of the fanaticism that inevitably infects the host of such ideas when they aren't working , its adherents often do show it then . And show they did on Q&A last night .
Allanah (WA labor representative ), in running the old piece of blinkered irrational nonsense  "that Catholics don't care because they don't push contraception"  was of course popular with the audience because it was piece of the programs old predjudice driven drivel ; an idea whose simplicity appeals to the simple casual and careless observers who can be relied upon to be distracted by it - for decades, .Would Viv and her group go out trying to educate poor women about contraceptives ( in the same way Allanah's generation did ) and offer them as free cargo for the trip? I think not!( Viv's group are smarter than that )   The fact that the real  onground ongoing programs of education , economic development and political activism  are much more effective in talking about contraception than the quick fix of flyin flyout population controllers and culture change cretons( as if it was as easy as a pill)  . Again Oaktree will have their day too. Why do they insist on it being only for young people ? Interestingly they challenge all of us oldies by rejecting our consensus about effective political action for a new model of their own ( what's new in that ? ) - Does solution develepment require the will or intention( their contribution )  or experience knowledge ( our contribution ) or a bit of both ? whose being rational here ? Isaiah 1 . How can such movements really work when they don't tap into the latter and the stuff of historical momentum and sustainability in the West ( stuff on this site) .   
Perhaps Labor party members should join the population control party to shore up their dwindling support ; healthly for them , like the loopy greens alliance was ; healthy for them to see who their real friends are , and how much they really care for people .See the choices for the next election ;Easy choices on offer parties at the next election;; euthenasia , quick fix free beer and drop out parties ( u drop out!)"watch out for any party thats losing its moral base'"==  Allanah again

In trying to defend the Labor party, both labor reps showed up its real weaknesses .Allanah said , its desperately trying to find some moral high ground ( Both Labor stooges want it to be a consensus in the clouds over CC  ) The distracted talk around this made all the fuss over the Catholic church (as the root of all evil ) seem like projection - I can see young people saying " what are these old reactionaries on about here ?" . Clue :  even Viv had to remind the audience ( that unlike superwoman and super ABC talk )  , the Catholic church was"  not all bad " . Why ? because the pope's was not trying to hold onto the silly superman theory ,  power for him is a paradoxical and deeper thing. The pope  actually claimed the power was not really his - and like Francis of Assisi , not in the apparent stuff on the surface - the policy to end all poverty is therefore rejected as presumption of power . This reality does not stop people trying- the clear will to stay firmly on the ground to fix things is in Oaktree and the church and its ground troops . The ABC can mock and sneer but the beer is on tap for those who stand firm against the  snide simplistic stuff . You can only mock  Francis , Jesus and " the rest of that sorry lot ".for a short while before judgement comes
Superman's biggest problem may not just be that he takes control away from people, but that he assumes to have that right .This is a principle that not even God has ever advocated
For the story on the house with too many windows see later .

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Blogger journeymanj said...

The big talk today is about Margaret Thatcher and what she did of didn't do .I thought Margaret had many good characteristics. I put humility in her list because in some ways she showed it ( I really like some of her real life experience quotes for example) yet -she was dangerous .
Its wrong to see leaders, like ourselves, as good or bad , In order to rid ourselves of fools and foolish talk on great leaders we best FIRST recognise within ourselves how easily we allow our strengths to become our weaknesses. Less obvious is the fact that if we see the good in people, we see the good in not boxing them up; the great good there is in obeying the 8th commandment. Making the sin, but not the sinner the target.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Johnniem said...

Nelson Mandella died a few days a go He too learnt the lesson that the only revolution that matters is a revolution in the mind see Invictus

5:10 AM  
Blogger Frederick Froth said...

Meanwhile these references picture and describe how Christian-ISM as a would be world conquering power-and-control seeking ideology came to be the world dominant religion (or more correctly business corporation - especially in the case of the "catholic" church)

The systematic applied politics of cruelty continues

Plus check out references to the Truth Telling book Columbus & Other Cannibals by Jack Forbes

11:40 PM  
Blogger Johnniem said...

the progressives want us to believe in the future .To believe every new step is up - instead of the more realistic view that things go round and round ( more revolutionary of a sort)

How come they weren't as close as Chesterton was when he wrote thesewords over 100 years ago

we have turned the freedom of democracy into a mere scepticism,
destructive of everything, including democracy itself. It is none the
less destructive because it is, so to speak, an optimistic
scepticism--or, as I have said, a dreary hope. It was none the better
because the destroyers were always talking about the new vistas and
enlightenments which their new negations opened to us. The republican
temple, like any other strong building, rested on certain definite
limits and supports. But the modern man inside it went on indefinitely
knocking holes in his own house and saying that they were windows. The
result is not hard to calculate: the moral world was pretty well all
windows and no house by the time that Bernard Shaw arrived on the scene.

…… Every new religion bores us with the same stale
rhetoric about closer fellowship and the higher life.

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