Friday, January 31, 2014

Understand population dynamics so you don't let it worry you

............and you  learn to help prevent unsustainable growth and wastage.
One of the joys of working with nature is working with the components to let dynamic communities thrive .There are at times forces at work to threaten living communities but , with understanding,  the people in those communities can hope to rebuild the resilience that is every communities hope .
The failure of industrial societies to accept the different communal objectives of agriculture is a growing sore that threatens the security and stability of both agriculture and industrial communities the world over.

Time for greens of all shades to accept diversity in paradigms of economics just as they do with diversity of ecosystems . The reality is we can accept  the models of growth relevant for commercial reality  (' The Market")  BUT  reject them when they are not sensitive enough when operating with people living/working with the environment .

I long for the day when biologists aren't the only scientists to support diversity in eco- modelling ( I covered some of the ways we can hope to do this in my paper "Scarcity and Abundance ".Ask me if you want a  copy .

The graph shows how  recent political expediency in the West is eroding our ability to help ourselves   ( incl our farmers) and others working the land overseas - The reactionaries think they are helping when infact they are often  wasting the opportunity to build resilience.( Ignorance and arrogance are unfortunately all too common partners)

 If we work with nature, by truly understanding nature , nature can do most of the work , which is great because the other elements of our world are more efficient than we are in getting the job done .
 I long for the day when engineers respect ecologists and vice versa -  a sign then that we are making progress- real progress . Questions welcome .

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Blogger Johnniem said...

Not much worries my generation .They have had it al taken it all . But thankfully the younger generation want to question our woosy approach to sex and put hunger need and lack of future planning back on the agenda; dysopia and the hunger games however don't let them escape the stronger woory and detreministic warriors of our generation(they think the aerth win run out of things) and that e are STUCK with apocolypse - the reasons don't matter . and reasonm doesn't matter glass half empty

1:23 AM  
Blogger Johnniem said...

Ever since Cuneform ( Ras shamra) our minds have been engaged in why its so hard to get a living out of the soil. Nobody twigged that in the thousands of years that we have half read the Bible that "subdue" might apply to us - and our filling and multiplying . so there are lots more of us.
Nothing has changed in some areas over those thousands of years in the sense that there is no perfect world for food production. .
So what do we do ? do a Hitler, a Pol pot or an Ammin and exterminate a decent number .
Thankfully such stupid simplicities are not necessary; We can grow enough food (and already are ) if AND ONLY IF WE GROW it RIGHT pLACES .
Time we redirected the fear and gave our kids HOPE by giving them a decent job in ecomia .

2:48 PM  

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