Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Why does the budget matter so much to the ABC ?

Sure it affects us but we ,like Trump supporters,  want entertainment -esp in the evening .
I do wonder  whether its because they,  like some accountants,   think everything is mere numbers.

Listening to  Jane Caro make the same old pedantic and ineffective point about the funding to public schools,I am reminded of the relish some accountants have trying to run others  businesses
Accountants at least , must LEARN  real ground truthing  or they will lose their  clients .

The lack of accountability seems to explain why Jane Caro can keep making the same silly simple point she's made for years and why people we pay to be mere reporters get angry and anxious on the stage.
This new breed of commentayranians  have forgotten that , as reporters they have our respect : When they go beyond it, they clearly risk losing that respect
Big responsibility for ABC  to bear . It would really help if everyone stuck to the job they were trained for.

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