Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Real Estate and Real Values

On the surface land is the best value.
No , Deep down investing in people and infrastructure is the best value . Look at how our forebears invested in hugely costly and potentially wasteful things like planning, education and health .
One of the biggest wheat farms in Australia got that way ( like people do with the share market )because the owners lived in "a shack" .( Houses don't make money) It's not the name of the investment that counts, but the way the money is spent on development of the asset.
The best investments CAN be, for the time being ,technically unproductive with ONLY long term profit gains. Weber knew this, but does the World Economic Forum.(WEF)
Can we call ourselves worthy if we don't at the economic forum say so again
The growing poor of the world ( who might they be in the big picture? ) need more than tokens and misdirected name calling
Think big and we become richer than we think we are Copyright EA

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