Tuesday, January 17, 2017

We don't get it do we !

When people who have not spent much of their lives thinking about the public interest get into leadership positions ,we as a society sense correctly that something is wrong .When these newbies like Trump insist on restricting the dialogue to some of their favourite old prejudice areas, we know things are very seriously wrong .Ignorance if not arrogance is just so dangerous and we are there

I gave up my job to try and influence the wannabes. I always knew they had feet of clay . My inspiration was their empty heads and my ability to fill it with good things that worked . What I didn't factor in was the need to babysit them and the time I didn't have to do that .

I welcomed, in my time Tim Watson, The IPA and even Andrew Bolt and Tom Elliott  and still do respect their questioning of the PC nonsense that dominates the media,and the blind arrogance of the intentioned but ignorant left .

But hearing Tome Elliot wander all over the issues of governance in his light headed approach to cross subsidization of citizens on 16th January 2017, I felt sick . He has studied economics but he really knows little about big picture economics .
While Tom's lively mind has grappled with some very serious issues of the Nanny state  he clearly has no idea of the havoc his generation of Liberals have wreaked on the once wonderful livable and lively Public service of his youth . With such poor understanding of the good and evil in the PS there is no way he or the left are going to weed out the despotic diseases of passing the buck that his colleagues introduced into the now consultancy rich but responsibility poor governments of Victoria .

BACKGROUND    Victoria Australia  1990's
When people who have not spent much of their lives thinking about your professional public service interest get into leadership positions we as a profession sensed correctly that something was seriously wrong . We were right to object to business led solutions  when Kennett first drafted them and we are still right to do so .Tom Elliot has no idea that the Libs are worse than the Greens in not having any idea of the nature of earth limits to economy. No idea how to win back the people!!!!!
The dismissal of integrating drivers by the far right  is actually worse for society than any of the worry and sentimental  nonsense  because the left s food base always withers- eventually . not so empire building in the consultant industry.
 The only thing that will keep people in power in a demo is good and sound use of our money - while whimmakers and dreamers dominate on right and worry warriors dominate on the left our society will continue to slipping out of self control .

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