Monday, October 08, 2012

The concept of ill health

I like it when someone else uses analogy to try and get to the bottom .....or top of things .
Satyajit Das  has tried,  in an excellent piece on the ABC ( ABCTHE DRUM )to talk broadly about the poking and prodding that has gone on with modern economies. Like the modern patient on life support,  its expensive and delicate and there is often little resilience or capacity left - the very nature of the composition .
Modern economists see capacity as waste and tend to use it all up , leaving that world of their making on the edge of degradation. The Greens are not the only ones to not like their edge of the cliff exposure methods ; a collection of unstable, unrestfu , unhealthy and risk prone  lifestyles
Fine tuning can be fragile tuning.Even the brightest modellers doesn't know when the ground below him will collapse.
Not so us - out here in the bush  . Excess capacity is normal for us as are externalities and unrecovered debt ( how often do we get paid above true cost value) . We don't go near the edge and that solves a lot of problems - believe me we are not that stupid about the fine machinery we are working with .Respect its called and it breeds resilience . The modern secondary and tertiary economy  is a great contrast to the high margin world. The fast moving freaks  celebrate mere efficiency ( at the expense of resilience) where we celebrate  both efficiency and resilience, a  respect for capacity and the need for resistance near the capacity limits. We celebrate capacity and live resiliently ( because we have to) .

Satyajit Das's  article is, I  hope the first of many where modern eco students recognise the unique diversity case of the economics of earth use ( maybe the problem is indeed linear until you get near the edge limits ) .

A bit of  a break in the dullwitted clouds of uniformity in eco theory that has infected everybody in the parties, The IPA and the people . Time to STOP treating US as though we are all the same little eco animals in the same cage.  We don't all live in the same paradigm of conformity that dominates  the majority . We know we are ignored because of our smallness ( 1%),  our margins are poor and unreliable;  but that does not make us irrelevant .
Our home is where the wars start and where the dumb errors and arrogance of the dominant world views drive people mad.  Our home is where you learn to care for every component or die,  as one of the ignorant and careless ones.    We are also , after all,  the most reliable contributors to health ( we even feed you!) and are some of its best modellers ; having resiliency and excess capacity  built in .

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