Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ignored Vistas on the road to serfdom

Copyright . Clearly von Eck made the road to serfdom look too simple - simple enough for polys to think its growth offers , and its condemnation of the bureaucracy, were a gift from heaven itself.
BUT lets be realistic - the only way to run ecomia - the tax and bureaucratic burden HAS NOT diminished since his theory was adopted as gospel!
Market fundamentalism offers governments speed they have been waiting for, but dangers and costs they don't expect . Sure, we'll all moving faster, but maybe we missed seeing the signposts or the fences . Any of us who have lived with communities in a garden of flowers blooming know the western tradition of growth has more to do with eternal vigilance ( signs and fences ) than than the dangerous demon of moving faster and in ever changing directions. As ecologists too, we know when it works to cut supply, and when it is just wasted door shutting.

Like so many adherents to the simple faith of fast driving, boundary challenging market fundamantalism , this "principle" is often more about convenience, rebellion and self justification that it is about a better means of governing real world eco functions - its a quick fix that kills.
I am not against business adopting a business model , but I am against governments using it .
Therefore, while the model works for some govts during the stats test changes , people suffer and economies overheat with the injustice of its irrationality ( since when has ecomia management been simple) and simplicity;
The end is more entrenched greed than at the beginning .The real world has boundaries - eco boundaries; Speedsters often forget this - that all growth has limits - natural limits . and different parts of the body are more sensitive to change than others . Yet while the wannabes wander, the strong get richer and the complex and sensitive economies of production ( like agriculture get squeezed to the point of mental anguish )
As a blind and myopic heresy of good governanace MF creates cancerous growth (too much too quickly)-- not sustained or balanced growth. Its a blunt and blinkered instrument - one that tortures many who might otherwise smile a lot when genuine growth is their lot. And in the long time, there are more casualties than is needed to maintain a sense of balance in a real world with boundaries . More signmakers and fencebuilders can prevent the tragedy and mental anguish of cancer. Hopelessness, needless injury and death that comes with driving beyond the known boundaries of good business and good governance .

As an new operating model of self governance, this highly blinkered sect of the West does not pay for feedback loops ( let alone new instruments to implement them ) so it can and does grow the ambulance service at the expense of the sign service .(see the sketch) Markets only work well when the length and the simplicity of the connection between cooperators is simple and the communication clear - not many of those simple bits of symbosis in the living world outside the glass houses. Such simple wiring looms are mainly the products of our own work and worship.

If you live in a glass house and are tempted to throw stones - remember how fragile rural economies and its peoples are ( by their very nature) Don't impose your way of doing business on everybody). If the walls of your world are square step out and help those who do not want patronage but indipendance, custodianship and endeavour with understanding Balance and diversity of ecomia principle Copyright Sage at Emperor's Academy .