Friday, March 06, 2009

A most livable place

It used to be said of Melbourne. Tis true, but what about Melbourne made it so? Was it the level of intellectual activity , the music and the arts?
No , its planning .
Those of us who worked there for decades in times when Our heritage rather than our minors were in charge KNOW how good it was and can still can be .

Planning can make a place really great. Risk ( death , injury failure , greed , lies and corruption, fire )on the other hand is all around us and clearly threatens our sense of well being but
We can live in Ecomia if we choose too . We must however be willing to speak up against incompetence noisy ignoranace and the huge amountof reactionary noise that has invaded our talk fests .
Finding the way forward is as much about looking back ( and seing what we have done wrong ) but even that huge task need not be if we listen to those who trained and served in planning.

How can you make your space a better place? - know, understand and deal with duckshoving