Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do you live in the centre or on the boundaries ?

 Consensus doesn't work as a focus because the cutting edge is on or near the boundaries.  That is,  Parliament is a mess if it ties itself up in party policies that stick to the centre.
Parliament  can be happy too to talk about edge stuff - but not be there
Life is not safe out on the edges. Even though  its never safe, somewhere near the edge is where I wannabe .( and its only an anal ..ogy )
Mind you too, the love of innovation ( and us edge dwellers ) by parliamentary parties  is dangerous .Dangerous for their credibility and dangerous for us .They can't tell whether their care is pushing us too hard or too softly .  
Most importantly for TODAY --Our parliament doesn't seem to care that most of our food producers are always living and working near the edge .The point is - they need not be  and some consumers have realised this reality. That parliaments paradigm is all wrong , Non caged eggs cost only a little more ;  Some Consumers  have realised what ten years of question time would never teach them ( because the gallery mostly believe the same stuff on this )  - our world can become so less poor by paying a little more .  
The sleepy drunken sailors on the fast sailing ship  don't seem to realise that pushing people to the edge all the time is oppression . The greatest evil being done in the name of the best intention . Speed and greed are being confused . The age old adage of "enough is enough"  and "leaving the corners of the field for the widows"  is gone. People participation and power is taken away and must now rest, by law with the government--- who assumes the role of god.
Not everything thats important or even functioning quite well is made in the image of the machine ( where efficiency is the only master ) .
Somethings were made in the image of God .; made in the image of striving as well as settling , cooperation as well as competition .
You can only really live well if you live in tension;( not one or other but 2 together )  You can only really live well if you can rest easy and cut some slack too . Take the command to rest ans good forya and stay back from the cliff . Ask me for  my article on "scarcity and abundance' and how to manage them.  
And now that you have read this far Please, whoever you are ( wonderful person that you are for reading thus far ) ___Try telling  that to the bookeepers and accountants who try to run this country next time -- woodya ! woodya please ! Together we can release all the captives from the cages - even those who inadvertantly lock themselves in one .

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